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The Elusive $200,000 Home

This was originally posted this morning on Real Estate with Realtor® Rod The bottom line is that buyers can still find some properties in good shape under this thresh hold. In close to the city, here in Vancouver, these will be fixers or really small houses. In the outlying areas such as Washougal and Battleground there […]

Analysts Backing Off Rate Hike Predictions

by Rod Sager, original posted on Rod’s Real Estate News I have been perusing through the financial news and scouring for hints of what the outlook over the next few years is shaping up to look like for our mortgage rates. The trend in thought has been that these historic low rates were primed for […]

Low Interest Rates aid in Upward Pressure on Home Prices

originally posted on Rod’s Real Estate News, 10/2/2015, by Rod Sager The market continues to move along at a healthy pace. Here in the Portland-Vancouver Metro Area values seem to be rising at a pace of 5% to 10% year over year. Local fluctuations and market conditions can vary a bit from neighborhood to neighborhood. […]

Real Estate Investment 101- It’s Not as Complicated as You May Think!

by Dan JensenRelocation Services Director – Equity Northwest Properties GroupThis is a follow up to the May 30th post on Real Estate Investment.I thought it might be useful to debunk some of the myths out there in the market place about complexity issues, need for huge financial reserves, “but the market is saturated with investors” issues, etc. […]

Have You Considered Becoming a Real Estate “Investor”?

by Dan JensenRelocation Services Director – Equity Northwest Properties Group Certain words will often produce specific responses in each of us. “Good”, “Bad”, “Tall”, “Short”… We each have our own understanding of what those words are describing, and there are some pretty dramatic differences in each description.It’s the same with the word “Investor”.  What do you […]

“Must Haves” in Your Real Estate Professional

by Dan JensenRelocation Services Director – Equity Northwest Properties GroupWhen You’re Selling Your Home…There is a distinct and dramatic difference in the skill set needed to help you market, promote, and effectively find a home buyer as compared to the skill set necessary when you’re searching for a home to buy.Three “Must Haves” to be […]