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“Must Haves” in Your Real Estate Professional

by Dan Jensen
Relocation Services Director – Equity Northwest Properties Group

When You’re Selling Your Home…

There is a distinct and dramatic difference in the skill set needed to help you market, promote, and effectively find a home buyer as compared to the skill set necessary when you’re searching for a home to buy.

Three “Must Haves” to be sure YOUR real estate professional will bring the right tools to the job of helping you SELL your home are:

1.) A sound & effective Marketing Plan

Your real estate agent should have a simple, but powerful marketing plan showing you what marketing and promotion will be done in order to attract the most qualified home buyers. The Plan should certainly be more than simply putting your home into an MLS and a few flyers in the box on a sign.

If you are considering any agent’s help in selling, be sure to ask if they have a marketing plan or system that they use. If the answer is ‘Not really’, find another agent. However, few agents would admit that they don’t have a marketing/promotion plan to a prospective home Seller, so be sure you also ask your agent to discuss in detail, each of the steps of their marketing system when you meet. It won’t be long before you have a very clear sense of whether the Plan is new to them, or if they are experienced in it’s use.

2.) Regular Updates & Communication

You should ABSOLUTELY! expect to hear from your agent regularly throughout the process of marketing your home, through the escrow, and beyond. Information about what other agents who have shown the home had to say, what has been done to promote your home each week, what options you have in making your home more attractive to potential buyers, and more.

If you are not hearing from your agent, call them and ask them to call you at least weekly with an update. If they don’t, consider finding a new agent.

3.) Doesn’t disappear after your home has been sold

This is a very important MUST HAVE!

Too many times, agents disappear after the transaction has closed. It’s unlikely that the agent who helps you sell your home will disappear before they have also helped you find and buy your next home, but why should you have to settle for an agent who pulls a disappearing act on you EVER? You shouldn’t have to settle.

Your real estate professional should consistently be available to answer whatever questions about real estate you may have, whenever you have them. There should be regular market updates, and an annual valuation report for your home… are your gaining in value, stagnant, or losing ground.  There should also be communication when special opportunities or area special events, workshops, and Q & A’s to keep you alert to trends and those changes that may be effecting your real estate holdings (even if it’s only the family home!)

These three are core to every real estate professional’s services to their Clients. If you haven’t experienced this kind of care, you may not be working with a true professional!

Next Friday, the 3 Must Haves when you’re buying real estate.