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Real Estate Investment 101- It’s Not as Complicated as You May Think!

by Dan Jensen
Relocation Services Director – Equity Northwest Properties Group

This is a follow up to the May 30th post on Real Estate Investment.

I thought it might be useful to debunk some of the myths out there in the market place about complexity issues, need for huge financial reserves, “but the market is saturated with investors” issues, etc. By providing a short and simple overview of some of the investing strategies and processes within Real Estate, I’m hoping to stir your thinking and perhaps open doors of possibility as well! (Check back over the coming 3 Fridays)

When someone says, “real estate investor”, what comes to your mind? Are you thinking Daddy Big Bucks finding great deals on huge commercial office buildings (are you thinking ‘The Donald’ about now?), or are you thinking about that little 87 year old lady you met last month who methodically purchased small rentable houses over 40 years of her lifetime and has been very comfortable financially for the last 20+ years living on the rents her tenants pay her every month?

Or maybe your thinking went right to the tanned fellow in jeans and work shirt who just finished remodeling that “fixer” he bought a month ago and who is about to ‘flip’ that property for a nice profit as a reward for his work?

There’s no question that each of the above represents real estate investment. These and many other scenarios begin to describe the variety of paths you could choose to follow if you ever decided you’d like to invest in real estate. This is an especially important time to be thinking about such things, as we are highly likely to see a return to higher inflation rates in the USA, and real estate has traditionally been one of the most powerful protections against general economy inflationary cycles.

But most who think about investing in real estate don’t ever put their thoughts into action. Lack of money is one concern. Not knowing a good deal from a “great” one is another concern. Carving out the time to do any kind of research and investing is another barrier for many.

Let’s break it down in the days ahead and see if we can move beyond these “barriers” to RE investing.

Here’s 3 pieces I’ll be detailing in the weeks ahead…

1.) You CAN invest in real estate with VERY LITTLE MONEY in your bank account

2.) You CAN accumulate a strong RE portfolio, increasing your net worth steadily, over time.

3.) You CAN “Buy Low & Sell Higher”, turning fixer properties into nicely remodeled properties. It helps if you’re handy, but even if you’re not, you can still invest in this way and make it pay.

Next Friday, I’ll describe 2 tools that allow you to invest in real estate with VERY LITTLE MONEY.

Check back then, and as always… give us a call if you have questions. We love to help!

Have a great Father’s Day weekend!