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The Elusive $200,000 Home

This was originally posted this morning on Real Estate with Realtor® Rod

The bottom line is that buyers can still find some properties in good shape under this thresh hold. In close to the city, here in Vancouver, these will be fixers or really small houses. In the outlying areas such as Washougal and Battleground there are still opportunities for a decent sized home around 1100-1400 squares either modern and attached or older and detached. Many of these properties will qualify for a variety of financing options. Buyers need to be aware that most of the government sponsored loan products, FHA, VA, USDA, etc. have requirements that may exclude a “fixer” type house. There are other programs designed specifically for fixing up a troubled house, those a bit more complex and buyers should consult with a qualified loan officer about how they work.Here in Clark County, Washington the housing prices have been robust. Maybe just a little too robust, but none-the-less homeowners that were once underwater to the bank are now finding themselves free to sell and move up or down as the case may be. Interestingly enough, sellers are sitting tight on their homes, and this has created a flush demand for entry to mid-level homes locally.

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